Have a “Gratitude” Jar

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The New year bring amazing optimism and knowledge of a great year to come. That doesn’t mean we won’t stumble upon some bad days ahead in 2018. So, for those days we recommend setting yourself up for success and making a gratitude jar! Your future self with thank you when you are not feeling 100%! Take some time at the family dinner table one night and write things that you love about having each other as a family, or funny memories that happened in 2017, or something that you are really looking forward to in 2018. Whatever it is, make sure it will put a smile on someones face who needs it in the family.


Plan One Family Adventure Per Month

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Whether it is Devil’s Lake (we love Devil’s Lake) or just a stroll through a nearby path you haven’t been to in a while, just getting out in nature together can be an amazing bonding experience. We realize some of our little ones can’t walk yet, and it can be hard to carry him/her the entire way, so we found a good resource that lists some easy trails to take with kiddo’s, you can find that here.


Cook Meals Together

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There is nothing more amazing then the feeling of successfully making a meal. Show your little one/s your favorite recipe that you love to cook, and even let them step in and help. It is good for kids to feel that sense of helping, even when we are doing tasks that we might think are only for the adults. It can be fun to see what creativity they can add when they get their little hands in the mix. We are all trying to be a little healthier with the new year. So here is a list of some tasty lighter recipes.


Make Art Together

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As we grow older we tend to start making excuses for getting our hands dirty with paint, like “Well, I am not creative”. In fact, we are all creative! We just tend to loose touch with it. Kids are amazing for bringing out that sense of creation we all have in us, and it is incredibly fun for them to get their mind working at the art table. Try making one thing at home per month!