Car Seats can be tricky, so we wanted to give you some advice so that your babe is 100% buckled in and safe.


The most common mistake we see is with properly positioning the harness, so here are some tips to get the harness in the perfect position.

“Think of your child’s car seat as a parachute that slows her fall and cushions her landing in a crash. If you were to jump from a third-story window (which is the equivalent impact of a 30-mile-an-hour crash) a parachute that is snugly attached to your body will bring you to a stop that is as slow and gentle as possible. The same applies to a harness, which should fit very snugly to your child’s body, but rarely does, because most parents worry about their child’s comfort when they snap them in. “Your parenting instinct tells you it will be better loose,” says Dr. Baer. But making it snug is a much safer choice, and not uncomfortable.” – Kate Rope at says.

The fix: 

1. The harness should be snug enough “that you can only fit one finger between your child’s collarbone and the harness strap,” says Emily Levine, a nationally certified child passenger safety technician and one of the Car Seat Ladies.

Car Seat Harness Positions |rear facing car seats for toddlers

2. The chest clip should be even with the armpits.

3. Children should not be wearing bulky clothes like jackets when they ride in their seat.

The padding in winter coats is full of air and in a crash the padding will be compressed, which means the harness won’t be as tight as it seemed.

Leaving the child less protected in the event of a crash.



4. Do not use any accessories that are not certified for use in car seats, like bundlers, car seat covers that did not come with the seat or head positioners. “The only thing you should add to a car seat is a child,” says Levine.


We hope you liked these tips, and can make sure to try and utilize them everyday when strapping in your kiddo.

Thanks for listening!