What We Are Learning This Month-June 2014 Featured

Written by  Sarah Tuttle Monday, 23 June 2014 13:06
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Here's some of what we are learning this month. Spend a couple minutes reinforcing what your child has been learning and be amazed!

javi icecream


Dairy Days – Ice cream, milk, yogurt, and cheese are all yummy dairy treats. Information about dairy products and the animals that produce them will be shared to celebrate Dairy Month.







tuttifruitti kids


Tutti Fruitti – Some fruits grow on vines and shrubs while others grow on trees. We will learn about different kinds of fresh, frozen and canned fruit.






Help me review!

In the summer months, we review all the letters of the alphabet, number 1-20, colors, and shapes. Read alphabet and number books to your child to reinforce this review. Practice counting items around the house and sing the alphabet song with your child as you go about your day. Name colors and shapes as you see them outdoors while enjoying summer activities.


My Spanish Words


 spanish june


Sign Language


    asl fruitasl milk


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The Fireflies® program, which is our preschool curriculum for children ages 2 years plus, consists of month long learning and activities centered around three themes which change monthly and reinforce targeted learning goals and objectives. Our teachers are now also utilitizing the Fireflies® themes and activities for children ages 4 months - 24 months and tailoring them to meet the needs of that age group, as well as on an individual basis.


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