We Love you Sarah!

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Hi Sarah, So I wrote up a document, but it turned out to be more of a recommendation than a testimonial.  If you need it shorter for your website, just cut it up and use the parts you want, or let me know and I will redo it!  I had a hard time trying to write this.  I knew just what I wanted to say, but when typing it, it just wasn't coming out the way I wanted it to.  Then I realized why... there are really no words that can do you and your daycare justice!  We LOVE YOU, SARAH!!  You are the best! :)  I honestly don't know who will have a harder time next year, Jasmine or I!

“How will Miss Sarah ever run her daycare without me next year?” Quote from Jasmine, age 4.

Bright Beginnings has been a wonderful daycare for our daughter, Jasmine.  She has loved every minute she has been there.  Jasmine started attending Bright Beginnings just after her 2nd birthday and has been there for three years.  Sarah runs an exceptional, quality daycare and has top-notch staff at her sites.  We have been so pleased with all the love and care that Sarah and her staff gives the children.  Jasmine loves going to daycare and wakes up excited about it.  We have been happy with the daily care, the fun outings and walks to the parks, and the way Sarah deals with behavior.  She is firm, but in a loving way that teaches the children right from wrong.  Our family has loved the personal touch of this daycare. 

I have worked with Sarah and Bright Beginnings in both a professional manner, as a special education teacher coming into her daycare to work with a child in her care, and as a parent who has my child enrolled in her daycare.  As a teacher, I have collaborated and worked with Sarah on a professional level, and as a parent I have also collaborated with her.  She has been great to work with on both fronts.  She follows through with strategies that have been shared with her and gives each child the individual challenges they need to continue growing intellectually and physically. 

I cannot say enough good things about Bright Beginnings daycare and Sarah Tuttle. Through the years I have worked with her and my daughter has attended her daycare, we have become great friends and both my daughter and I will miss Sarah very much next year as Jasmine moves on to Kindergarten!  We love you Sarah and want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for Jasmine!  Thank you for helping her to grow up to be the sweet, caring, and helpful little girl that she is!   You are a wonderful teacher who will be greatly missed!

Cristy & Jasmine, too!


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