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Here's some of what we are learning this month. Spend a couple minutes reinforcing what your child has been learning and be amazed!



Hearts and Hugs – Information about hearts and symbols of Valentine’s Day will be shared. The children will be encouraged to find special ways to show their loved ones they care.







hot cold water faucets


All Kinds of Opposites – Learn all about opposites with some fun activities that examine how two things can be very different. Large and small, on and off, hot and cold, and fast and slow. Can the children come up with others?





Help me review!

bb review feb14


My Spanish Words


spanish feb14

Sign Language

     Sign Language-Iloveyou

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The Fireflies® program, which is our preschool curriculum for children ages 2 years plus, consists of month long learning and activities centered around three themes which change monthly and reinforce targeted learning goals and objectives. Our teachers are now also utilitizing the Fireflies® themes and activities for children ages 4 months - 24 months and tailoring them to meet the needs of that age group, as well as on an individual basis.


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             BBDS 5 Star Rating

We are elated to announce that Bright Beginnings Day School was recently awarded the YoungStar 5 Star Rating, by the Department of Children and Families, for its continual focus on program improvement and for meeting the highest levels of quality standards.

This rating is in recognition of the passion and devotion Sarah has shown, over the last 12 years, to providing quality care and education for each child enrolled in Bright Beginnings Day School.

Never one to settle for common, Sarah is continually seeking ways to make improvements. This recognition is proof of her success. Through her efforts, BBDS is known for its program that gives each child the tools to become self-confident, self-aware and eager to learn, grow, explore and imagine. Her goal is to prepare each child with confidence for the next step in their life's journey. 

Anyone observing Sarah or one of her educated and experienced staff can quickly see that they truly are dedicated to providing a fun and creative opportunity to learn and develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually in a multi-age, home-away-from-home environment.

BBDS is truely excited and proud to be recognized for our one-of-kind program. Can we say congrats to ourselves?

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Activities For Home

bb1tools1. Does your child have a toy tool kit? Allow him or her to pound golf tees into Styrofoam blocks. If you own a real tool kit, compare your tools to your child’s kit. Name each tool and discuss its use. Review safety rules of tool use. With close supervision, allow your child to build a simple structure.counting eggcarton

2. Practice counting to twelve. Save an egg carton and count together as your child places a small object in each section of the carton.

3. Reinforce the letter N with the following activities. Form an N with raw or cooked spaghetti noodles. Make a name collage with alphabet beads or letters cut from magazines that spell out names of family members. Circle N’s found in newspaper articles.


4. Make fingerprint penguins with black and white fingerpaint and blue construction paper. Use the thumb to make a white body and a fingertip to make black wings and a head. With a toothpick, make two white dots for eyes. Stretch out cotton balls and glue them to the blue paper to make an iceberg.