Field Trips

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Bright Beginnings Field Trips

Sometimes our environment is extended when we take field trips to fun and educational places. Field trips may be scheduled from time to time to offer the children new learning opportunities and a change of pace.  Examples of planned field trips might be: the Henry Vilas Zoo, The Splash ParkThe Madison Children’s Museum, mall play area, Keva Sports, area parks or an apple orchard.  Parents are encouraged to come along on these outings.  On occasion, the children will go on unannounced mini-trips, such as a walk to the park, a trip to the library, or to run brief errands; if so, a note will be posted to let you know where we’ve gone. To ensure safety and quality care for all that take Bright Beginnings Field Tripspart in these outings we take attendance before we leave, while we are on our outing and when we return.  No child/ren shall be left in any vehicle unattended.  Transportation for outings will be provided in a licensed, insured vehicle, and seat belts or car seats will be used as mandated by Wisconsin Law.

Check our gallery for photos from some of our field trips.

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