New Families-First Day

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Bright Beginnings Day School

Your child’s journey is full of challenging firsts. Their first day of school is one of them. We strive to make the acclimation process as welcoming and worry-free as possible for them, and for you.

We understand that the first day can be tough on the child and more so sometimes the parent. That’s why we recommend that you prepare your child that they will be going to day care and reassure them you will return. The big day we encourage you come and help them unpack their supplies but make the drop-off short and sweet. Our experience is a prolonged goodbye makes it harder on the child, and you, in the long run.

Please contact us today to take the first step to exceptional quality care by scheduling a visit to BBDS with Sarah.


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Schedule your visit today to take the first step to exceptional quality nuturing and learning by scheduling a visit to Bright Beginnings Day School.

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