Have we told you about our new friends on the farm??

They are super laid back, and love to be outside! Check out the Icelandic Sheep that we brought in last week…

Aren’t they cool?? We love having them here with us. Their breed comes all the way from Iceland, which is 2,962 miles away! We love the way their horns look, and the way that they all look so different from each other because of their wool.


Our next group of friends- their breed comes all the way from South Africa, 8,672 miles away, and New Zealand, 8,346 miles away!  Luckily- we are picking them up from Illinois later this week! We are so excited to meet these guys, as goats have some pretty quirky personalities, and are absolutely adorable.

Oh yes.. and we could never forget our darling chicks. They are busy growing big in our incubator so that one day they can lay eggs themselves! The kiddos love to come and check in on how they are doing. So awesome to watch them grow!


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